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Please stay tuned for updates on research related to Emotional Intelligence, Attachment, and Neuroscience. This site is dedicated to providing resources, training, and promoting awareness.


Coming soon: 2017 AACC conference presentation materials!

Here you will find a selection of presentations from professional conferences, links to helpful sites, a blog related to upcoming events and much more. Thank you for visiting our website. 


CBASP and AAI: Implications for Addressing Chronic Depression and Attachment in Psychotherapy at the International Attachment Conference in New York City, by Dr. Gary Sibcy & Dr. Anita M. Knight. Please email to request the remaining items in the series.

In October of 2011 Dr. Gary Sibcy and Dr. Anita Knight presented at the American Association of Christian Counselors’ World Conference in Nashville, TN. The title of their presentation was, “Emotional Intelligence, Attachment and Neuroscience.” Click on the link to download the presentation PDF: right here.

Dr. Ben Keyes (Regent University) & Dr. Anita Knight presented on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Math Anxiety. Click on the link to download the presentation: (coming soon).

Dr. Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw and Dr. Anita Knight presented at the Virginia Counselor’s Association Annual Conference on Emotional Intelligence. For more information, download the presentation: (coming soon).

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Pictured to the left founding Attachment & Emotional Intelligence Research Team: (L to R) Corderius Cowans, Laura Faidley, Clayton Kendirck, Dr. Anita Knight (team sponsor/coach), Dorel Captari (team leader/captain), Jaqueline Voltemere, Chelsea Brieholz,. Guest: Dae Woon Cho.